Apple or Microsoft?

As an Apple user, I admit I am a bit biased when it comes to this argument. I’ve been an avid fan of Apple’s Macintosh since I first learned to use a computer and have stuck with it to this day. I am quite adept at using a Windows computer but I will always be comfortable using a Mac at the end of the day. Despite this, I will try to be as objective as I can be when presenting both sides of the debate. This debate has been raging on since the general public started using computers in their everyday lives, and the argument doesn’t seem to have any resolution. It seems both sides enjoy arguing as much as they care about the argument.

Apple vs. Windows

There are certainly other operating systems that consumers can choose from besides these two, but when it comes to popularity, these are the two juggernauts in the industry. Both have very many similarities with only a few key differences that set them apart.


I will be the first to admit that, yes; Mac computers are a lot more expensive than Windows models. But a lot of people will justify that the computer comes with higher quality hardware, excellent support, and the ecosystem benefits of having an Apple computer. It is also harder and even more costly if you want to upgrade an Apple computer. Windows computers are a lot more flexible and with cheaper parts which makes it appealing for people who like to be hands-on with their computer setups.


It’s no question that the available software the run Windows is a lot more numerous than those that run on Mac. If the available apps in app stores are any indication, Windows’ 50,000 apps far exceed that of Apple’s 14,000. Although Apple fans often use the argument of quality over quantity that is mostly based on personal opinion. Still, it can’t be argued that an average Windows user has a lot more choices when it comes to the programs and applications they can use compared to an average Apple user.


This is one aspect that Apple obviously lags behind Windows. Because of the flexibility that Windows computer offer, it’s very easy for gamers to customize their set up into something that will answer their gaming demands. It also makes it easier for games to update their Windows hardware than it is for an Apple computer.

Virus Resilience

Any Apple user will immediately site the virus argument when debating for Mac computers. This has already been proven wrong but what remains to be true is the fact that Mac computers are less prone to viruses than its Windows counterpart. Almost all Windows computers still need to download an anti-virus to protect their device, something that most Mac users don’t have to think about. This won’t last forever, hackers around the world are hard at work trying to defeat the Mac OS but for now, Apple users can rest assured that their computers are at a lesser risk for viruses.