How to Choose Your Computer Setup

With the rise of technology seemingly unstoppable, the computer market has offered a wider selection of computers and computer setups to choose from. With a bit of research, consumers can look for the exact specification of computers that will fit their specific needs. From laptops to desktop computers, there’s no shortage of options for customers to choose from which leaves some in a state of what’s commonly called paralysis by analysis in which someone fails to make a decision because of the number of options they are presented. So for those looking to for their own computer, I have here some helpful tips to ease your decision-making process.

Choosing the Right Computer Set Up

For me, there are only two computer setups to choose from: either a desktop or a laptop, both of which serve somewhat similar functions with a few key differences. A desktop is going to be a lot bulkier than a laptop and will be hard to move to a different location, but it will have more processing power than a laptop and easier to upgrade and maintain. A laptop is portable but it will generally have a shorter lifespan a desktop. It can handle moderate processing needs but it will struggle to run bigger programs. Upgrading it will also be a huge hassle since all its component is in one container.

Operating System

There are two very popular competing operating systems in today’s computer market that people are paying attention to. Yes, there are other systems such the Linux but in terms of numbers, they don’t come close to the numbers that Windows and Apple has. Between the two, Windows is the most common operating system but Apple’s Macintosh is not far behind. Nowadays, many software and programs that run on one operating system also have a version for the other. So when it comes to choosing the operating system, it all boils down to personal preference and budget. Apple computers are commonly viewed as a lot more expensive than your average computer that runs on Windows.

Picture and Sound

Another aspect that consumers have to contend with in choosing the right computer set up is the picture and sound quality. For artists and gamers alike, the picture quality of their set up would have been a priority in choosing their computer set up, while musicians and sound engineer will prioritize sound quality. This means a necessary update in the computer’s hardware in order to meet these needs. Both these factors require a different specification in the machine, something that will add to the overall cost and design of the computer.


For me, this is one major factor when choosing your computer setup. Since computer first started becoming commonplace, its price has continually dropped making it even more affordable for a single person to afford one. But certain demands in a computer will surely mean an added expense. If you need it to have better graphics, you’ll need to spend more on an excellent video card. The same goes for processing large data, a computer’s RAM will need to be upgraded in order to handle the specific tasks.