Computer Accessories for Drawing

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be an artist. I grew up in a house of artists. My father and both my brothers are architects, my mother is an interior decorator, and I have an aunt who paints. Unfortunately, the artist gene may have skipped me, or rather; I am no good with the traditional idea of what art should look. But I am nothing if not persistent and my goal is to find an art form I can excel at. This led me to explore digital art, and to my surprise, it offers almost endless possibilities. So in my quest to become a “digital artist,” I looked up the best tools and equipment I would need to have in order to jump starts my art career.

The Three Best Accessories for Digital Artists

Digital artists have a slew of tools at their disposal, just like any tradition artist. But instead of a paintbrush, they have a stylus pen, a tablet instead of a canvas, and drawing pad instead of a sketch pad.

Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

Traditional painters have lamented over the fact that their most favored tool, the paintbrush, has not to given enough development in order to be used in making computer art. A stylus is simply not enough to recreate the feel of a real brush stroke. Sensu created just that, a brush that can be used on tablets. This lightweight stylus and artist brush is made of chrome-plated brass. On one end is a rubber tipped stylus. Flip it over, pull off the cap and you have a paintbrush that operates smoothly and realistically on any tablet.

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

Artists the world over would gladly sell a limb just to get their hands on an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2. Many have dubbed the Apple Pencil 2 as the best stylus in the market. There’s no lag when you use it for drawing or writing, making it perfect for digital artists. It has palm-rejection software which means writing is both natural without any false interactions. It is also pressure sensitive, making shading in drawings easy and convenient. And because of the iPad Pro’s power, any apps for drawing, painting, or modeling is accommodated with little to no issues.

Wacom Cintiq 22HD Display Tablet

For the professional artist, Wacom’s Cintiq Display Tablet is the quintessential tool in their arsenal. The tablet comes with a stand to allow for varying angles when drawing, a Wacom Pro Pen and a pen holder. The tablet itself is huge, enough for any artists to draw on without fear of running out of space. It has an HD display screen of 1920 x 1080 with flawless pixel quality. On the sides are 18 programmable buttons for shortcuts. The stylus pen is a work of art in itself; comfortable to hold and with a rubberized grip, drawing and writing come easy and natural.